There’s a bigger world out there Jason…

When my life shifted, the world I knew and the life I had went from being enormous and big, to almost non-existent and extremely small.  It was like I had to start with nothing to rebuild the life and the universe I wanted.

Through the past year plus, my world really has been small and I have forgotten about the world outside of my own. As I have though been feeling better slowly, I have realized there is a bigger world out there, there is more out there and when you are trapped in a fog, in a haze and in the midst of being so focused on getting out of this and not having any symptoms, your world does become small.

I mean I used to go to hot springs every weekend, always take trips, travel the country and the world, do so many things, the sky’s the limit. You forget about these things when you feel you are trapped in your own mind.

Well Jason, there is a bigger world out there for you and the sky is the limit…

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