A Year of Blogging…

It’s been a year since I have started blogging.  When I first started blogging, it was all based on intuition because I could not think straight at the time and through faith and feeling, I started blogging.  I didn’t know were the blogging was going to lead, where I was going to be in a year, I just knew it was important to do, that it was part of my healing, part of my process for myself and eventually others.  

As I look back on the year, I have definitely seen a growth, a shift, a change.  This past year has definitely been one of the hardest if not the hardest in my life.  It’s not been comfortable, It’s not been easy and I still am not 100% and go through this ebb and flow each day working on getting back to balance, I know in the end I will be stronger, happier and healthier then I have ever been and on the correct path.  

I have definitely seen the shift in the blog, considering most of this last year or almost all of it has been a blur.  It’s been this shifting movie of the creation or rebirth of myself, which I am still shaping into.  It’s been a very challenging year but a year of growth, learning and understanding more of myself.  It’s been a year of letting go of the past, letting go of my ways, letting go of who I was and shifting into a new being, new person, a new way of life, a path that suits me best.

I now put in the intention that in a year from now, and which will be 2 years of blogging, I will be thriving and happy and healthy in the beginning and leading the path I want, the path I seek, the path I desire.  Looking back on the past 2 years and knowing that this hard time, this shift will be a distant memory and I will be thriving and this blog, this journey will inspire others that they can overcome their challenges, overcome anything and create the path, the life they want.

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