A Theory to overcoming Lyme Disease

I have this theory about Lyme Disease and I guess in many ways it can relate to any other disease or traumatic event of sorts. The theory comes from finding your higher source, your true path and once you find that, you can fully heal.

I see shifts like Lyme Disease and other traumatic events, diseases as occurrences that happen because people get lost in what direction they are going or supposed to be going or are not headed on their right path.

When I went through a shift very similar to the one I am going through now, years ago, I always called it a spiritual shift, that it shifted me on the right path. I look at this experience as well. It was interesting to, because when I look back the last of the “cycling” I felt I was going through seem to stop once I visited Los Angeles and decided to move there. It was like I found my path, my higher self, my calling and therefore the healing became complete.

When I first shifted, during this shift, I was not in the ideal place I wanted to be, it was like my path shifted astray.

I believe as my path becomes more and more clear, which it is and I follow it and I become more and more aligned with it, I will then fully heal more and more.

My theory is that this is true for everybody. Think about what your path is, your true calling and though you might be struggling right now, begin working towards it and watch what happens, watch the shift.

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One Response to A Theory to overcoming Lyme Disease

  1. WOW, like you, my family feels that a physical move is part of the shift to healing. We are in the process of making that happen, and I feel that it is right, because even the process of planning it (which many consider to be stressful), has been enjoyable and exciting.

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