My Path, My Calling, My Healing

When you go through a struggle, a shift, especially one that’s dramatic and seems to take place in a blink of an eye, it makes you question everything in your life and reflect on everything.  Reflect on every aspect, every molecule, everything.

For myself, this past year plus has been a year of extreme reflection and breaking down every aspect of my life to look at everything and gain clarity, gain balance, find my path, my path that got shifted and my true calling and complete my healing and complete my shift, my transition.

So what’s my path, well I shifted away from part of my path of making films, not that I was not making them or focusing on cultivating projects but it was the first time for months that I was not actively filming or editing a project. Every time in the past when I have tried to shift away from making films, something has brought me back to filmmaking. I tried fighting it early on but after awhile I stopped trying to fight it.

Going through this I have realized my path much more and my path is to do a few things:

Make films that are powerful and can change the world for the better, but do it in a way that’s healthy for myself and essentially my own way.

Make films that are educational in informing people and helping better their lives.

Fully heal myself so I can then transform that to the rest of the world.

Inspire and educate and consult others to help them heal and overcome challenges.

Be a great son, partner, friend, colleague and overall great person.

Be true to myself and love myself. Create healthy boundaries, be gentle on myself, find balance in life.

Release the need to be perfect and live in the flow of life and be present with the way things flow.

What’s your life path?

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