Lyme Disease, Diseases and our Medical System

Lyme Disease and its counterparts is a very complex and complicated disease. The reason for this is that it’s not straight forward and there is so much we don’t know. When a person gets a broken leg or Diabetes or another centralized disease, it’s pretty straight forward and you know what’s going on, what it is. With Lyme it manifest in so many different ways, it’s treatment options are not straight forward and what works differently for one person, might not work for another. It’s also in many ways a guessing game of sorts of treatment options when Lyme moves passed the beginning stages of treatment and allows itself to run wild.
All these things leaves individuals and doctors frustrated.

For me it took four doctors, after I already knew I had Lyme, to slowly get anywhere and now I have added a fifth doctor and after a year plus only feel I am getting some clarity, some place and a treatment plan together that’s going to set me forward and move through this. I know it’s part of the shift, part of the cycle, part of the journey, but this story happens time and time again of people taking so long to get diagnosed and also so long to get to the right “Lyme” doctor and the right treatment plan, after thousands of dollars are spent and time flies by.

In honestly, our medical system, though absolutely of course needed, is really a train wreck and it’s not just because money is the main protagonist in pushing it.

It’s one, because diseases are made to be more complicated then they need to be.

Two, we don’t teach people in our society early on to take care of themselves inside and out in every aspect.

Three when we get busy and caught up in our lives that we forget about ourselves, til it hits us over the head.

Four we don’t promote the nature of our body healing itself and relying on only natural things being put inside ourselves.

Five most medical doctors are not trained to treat to the whole person, just push pills to treat symptoms.

And I am sure the list goes on.

I mean what if early on in your life you went to a doctor who helped you formulate a plan that allowed to create optimal health. I mean life isn’t this planned out and structured but what if you were given this information, this tool, imagine, how much you, everybody through thrive.

I will leave this blog with this, if you are a healer, if you are a doctor, a medical professional of any sort trying to promote the betterment of humanity then give that 2000%, do everything you can to help that person, go the extra mile, listen and be about them not having to go to you almost at all because they have moved on and healed.

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