Hard for Others to Understand…

I have friends, family tell me, you should do this, or what do you do each day, etc.  I know they have the best intention, I know they are trying to support me but in reality a lot of the time, they are causing more stress, then helping.  It’s like people are quick to tell you what to do, because it’s easy, but not drive over and hang out or show you what to do in a gentle positive waIt.

It takes a lot of energy each day just for me to do the things I am doing to take care of myself.  I know a lot of people would say, you should ignore them, but to be honest, I do the best I can, but at times it’s hard for me too.

I am leaving this blog entry short but I am going to leave with this, if you see somebody struggling, if they tell you they are struggling and you know they are doing the best they can to move through the shift, help in a positive way, support them, do everything you can, don’t add stress to their lives, don’t add drama, fulfill their life with love and joy and support and help them thrive, help them find the answers and that’s how you can see them grow and see them move through the challenge, really be there for them and most of all don’t expect anything in return, just let that come naturally.

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2 Responses to Hard for Others to Understand…

  1. Irene says:

    Sending some love your way, Jason…

  2. lymeaustralia says:

    I read the following article recently. Granted, it’s about death and in context of what you’ve written, and I’m sorry you’re struggling and we’re in the same boat you and I, it’s a nice article and it spoke to me somewhat. Rarely things do. Perhaps you’ll find something in it. As for stress, I’m a lunatic. I struggle. But as Dory (Finding Nemo movie) keeps saying, “Keep on swimming. Keep on swimming.” http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/03/11/10-ways-to-help-a-grieving-friend/

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