There is No Such Thing as a Magic Pill

A lot of people wish and would like to believe that there is something called a “magic pill”, a cure all for everything.   Humans are complex individuals and the idea that one easy answer can fix all your problems, that would be nice, but that’s a way of avoidance and doesn’t exist.  

I wish there was a magic pill, I think we all do, but it takes work taking care of yourself and the longer you ignore your physical being, your emotions, your demons, your layers and become clear and don’t understand, the more you need to do get balanced. It’s like a build-up effect, if you don’t clean the garbage can regularly it’s only going to build up.

For myself, I think for so long I have been looking for this magic pill, because of how suddenly my life shifted and changed but in reality it wasn’t about finding that magic pill, it wasn’t even about healing all of my symptoms, it was about finding who I am and shedding the layers and diving deeper into myself.

I saw myself this past year plus everyday and still to some extent searching for this magic answer, this magic pill in a sense. When in reality, life isn’t even about that, it’s not about a magic pill, and the more I tried searching for this magic pill the more anxiety I created.

If life were a magic pill, we would never really find ourselves.

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