It becomes Hard for us to let go…

When we become a part of something, whatever that maybe it takes a time to acclimate but once we acclimate, no matter what we are a part of, even if we don’t want to be, whether it be a relationship, job, traumatic experience, disease, etc, it becomes hard for us to let go. We become used to it.

When somebody gets “diagnosed” with a “disease” they begin to reach out to others who can relate to them, especially when it’s something that most of their friends and people in their life don’t understand. They become a part of this community so they can connect, learn and try to understand what’s going on and ideally move through.

With Lyme Disease, it’s still a very misunderstood disease and most people don’t understand it. People become isolated and as human beings we crave connection, community, people that understand. So many people become part of the “Lyme Community” to connect and understand.

We want to let go and move on from this disease but in many ways what we don’t realize is energetically we are a part of this community that surrounds around this disease so what would happen if we didn’t have it anymore, then we would not be part of that community and I believe, for myself subconsciously a bit and for many people we hold on to this and it becomes hard for us to let go.

On top of this we become so used to feeling this way, especially the way Lyme affects you mentally and makes you not part of the world, makes your world so small.

I look at this in myself and I know a big part of that is physical and physiological but I am so used to this certain routine, used to feeling this way, used to having my whole world wrapped up in my health and getting better, that it does almost become hard to let go of it.

It’s like a protection mode of sorts, for myself, protection from the world, protection from getting worse and putting myself in a bubble or that feeling til I am fully in a place to let go and be free.

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