Inner Conflict…

I was reading a metaphysical book on disease and the core reason on why a “disease” manifests in the body.  It was saying that any disease resulting from inflammation or infection is a result of inner conflict and once that conflict is resolved, with help from the brain, the body goes into recovery and full healing.

I look at something like Lyme Disease, which results in infection and a lot of internal feelings of being uncomfortable and and inflammation and I look at as a form of inner conflict with not just the bacteria, toxins, etc but with yourself.

For myself, what is that inner conflict. Well one inner conflict, that I have, which I know a lot of people with Lyme and a lot of diseases have is the balance of moving your life forward and trying to live your life and working on healing and not overdoing it as you recover and get better. The minute that somebody, myself let’s go of this, the conflict begins to resolve.

I look at this in myself and it’s taking awhile to be honest but I have finally let go of this conflict and focused truly on myself and let go of this need or force of moving my life forward and not creating a conflict from it but creating a flow with it and therefore started my road to healing and full recovery.

So I look deeper in myself and look at the inner conflict with myself and what was going on before this and I look at where I was at in my life and always feeling conflicted with struggling to be a filmmaker and wait for that “break” or to support myself full time with film and just doing something to make consistent money. Also with the conflict of where I was at and spreading myself think and focusing on many things.

I look at the conflict of the last year plus and circle game I would go through with myself of being me or my old me and moving forward and shifting. No matter how much I wanted to change, it just takes time and it’s about losing my old self and not living in the past.

I release this inner conflict, as it’s not serving me and not moving my healing forward and as I do, I continue to fully heal.

What’s your inner conflict? How are you letting go of it?

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