When I move fully through this and the future…

No matter how rough I have felt or how much I wanted to escape or how bad it was, I knew, or I have always known I was going to move through this and become stronger and healthier and happier then I ever have been in my life.  I always knew there were better days and are better days ahead.  I always knew this was temporary and not my life and only a hurdle to lead me on the path I am meant to go on.

I am continuing to slowly feel better and come into my own again, which is a bit weird.  I am also speaking with a new doctor tomorrow, who I have seen once, to go over a treatment plan back to wellness.  I feel I am finally at that point where the clarity to get there is going to be in place.  It’s definitely been a long road, a long journey and I have come so far. 

So as I move through this and grow stronger, I then begin to fully transform and create a rebirth to start over.  So I ask myself what does that look like.  What does starting over for me look like, where am I going and here is what it looks like:

It’s me doing things like deleting my Facebook account and starting from scratch.

It’s me looking at the world differently and not taking it for granted.  

It’s me traveling around the world and fully enjoying life.

It’s me being a successful filmmaker, abundant and creating films on my own terms, in my own way in a stress free way.

It’s me educating the world on health and wellness and helping others help themselves.

It’s me always taking care of my health all the way around.

It’s me building great relationships with positive people who help me strive and thrive.

It’s me loving myself fully and doing what I need to do to take care of myself.

It’s me not living in fear and deprivation and ridding myself of the bad habits and negative energy of the past.


What does your future hold?


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One Response to When I move fully through this and the future…

  1. I want my family to be able to be in remission. That is my dream.

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