The Ultimate Lesson

I have found out the ultimate lesson in this past year plus is that no matter how busy I get, how healthy I am I always need to take care of myself and understand that that is what’s important.  I forgot about this or lost touch with this to some extent and that’s why I shifted.

Even in the future if I am making a feature film. Even when I am extremely healthy and happy it is very very important to still not lose touch with taking care of myself and that’s the ultimate lesson and in my mind the ultimate lesson in most people’s healthy challenges, traumatic, experiences. It’s about loving yourself and putting yourself number one first and no matter what always taking care of yourself on every level.

That’s what I have learned. As I slowly move forward and slowly heal more and more I am learning to take more charge of feeling great and slowly integrate forward as well. It’s always going to be a balance. It’s a balance for everybody but the more you focus on your health, the less you need to and then it’s about keeping it in check and finding the balance with life.

This is the ultimate lesson and I believe it’s true for almost everybody going through some type of challenge.

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