Why I Started My Blog

When I first started my blog, it was over a year plus ago and out of intuition.  At the time, I could never think clearly ever and I seemed to always be in the circle of chaos., everything seemed to be on auto pilot and I never felt like myself.  I knew though, out of intuition that blogging would help me heal, would eventually also help others and inspire them and help them get through their challenges.

In the past year and half plus, I have seen my progress, though I know I am still pushing through and striving to feel great all the time and I am getting there, I have definitely come along way and I thank blogging for that.

Writing, journaling and digging deeper into oneself helps you develop clarity and find yourself again and help get to the root of what somebody is going through. It’s a great healing tool, though it might scary, it’s really vital in growth and development and understanding who you are.

I started this blog to find myself again, my new self and help myself get on the right path, the path I am supposed to be on. I started this to help you find that path, gain clarity in yourself and find who you really are and grow and discover.

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One Response to Why I Started My Blog

  1. Similarly I created my blog to heal and to help others. I feel there are so many pressing issues that we all face , though while we are in the situation it seems we are the only one going through. Blogging for me is a new journey and in excited about it.

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