Dating and Relationships

I always usually write about my healing journey or something inspirational or something related to the flows of life.  I have decided to write about something more off the beaten path from my normal blogging and that’s dating and relationships.  More specifically dating and relationships when it comes to the advent of the internet and cel phones.  

Before I began my shift, I was actually working on a pilot about dating and relationships in Los Angeles.  I find the whole idea of dating, relationships fascinating, especially in Los Angeles.  Growing up during an age where there wasn’t cel phones and internet, I have seen the transition and changes.  

I honestly think that the internet and cel phones is creating the demise of healthy dating and relationships.  Nobody has to really court somebody.  Nobody has to take things super serious.  Nobody knows how to communicate correctly and nobody wants to take the time properly get to know somebody.  

The dynamic of resolving problems in relationships and proper communication is at boiling point.  I mean it’s sad really and unfortunately I don’t see it getting better, I only see it getting worse.  

With things like online dating, which is great in many respects, it’s also bad in many other respects because it gives many individuals a false sense of reality and great people who might connect get lost in the wind and everybody just becomes a number.  

How do be build strong relationships, well I see it as the following:

Good Communication


Be Open and Open-Minded  –  You never know what somebody is really like until you know them.  


Don’t put people in a box

Don’t judge

Love yourself and learn to understand yourself



Be in touch with your sexuality

Find Balance

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One Response to Dating and Relationships

  1. thenarcissistwrites says:

    Definitely all important parts of a good relationship 🙂

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