The Reset Button

I was talking to a friend last night and he mentioned to me that I have received the opportunity to push the reset button and literally start over, start new, start fresh and create the life I want. Create the friends I want, the projects I want to take, everything. So when I fully move on and move back to Los Angeles, I live currently right outside of L.A., it’s like I am starting totally over, which is in many ways a gift, a blessing.

It’s not that my life was not “bad” before. It’s not that I was unhappy, it’s just I was not necessarily in the place I truly wanted to be in. Living the life I wanted.

This experience, though not fun, has been such a dramatic shift, that’s it’s allowing me to create the life I want and truly start over and hit the reset button. I am still getting there, working out the kinks, getting back to full balance but it’s happening. It truly is and each day I grow closer to clarity and fullness and that fresh start.

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5 Responses to The Reset Button

  1. OK, again, your blog is so meaningful to me. We, too, are trying to hit the “reset” button. I have a joke with my son that if the day is not going well, we press the tip of our nose and say, “Reset” and that makes the day better.

    We are also looking to move to a different environment and are looking forward to that as a new beginning as well. Good luck with your move back into the city.

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