That Feeling

People talk about how do you know when you beat Lyme, when you beat something that you become so used to, that you forget what feeling 100%, or having no symptoms or totally this certain way you were is like.  Well the way I explain it, at least speaking for myself, it’s when you have “that feeling”  all of the time, not every once in a blue moon or here and there, all of the time.  

At the end of the night, usually on the later side at times, I have that feeling, it doesn’t always last long, but I try to hold on to it and it keeps things in perspective for myself that I am on my way and that feeling it still there, still obtainable and that one day “that feeling” will be continuous.  

For myself, “that feeling” is feeling totally clear headed, in my body, strong, present and not in this disconnected fog, and just in that flow.  That’s the feeling for myself.  

So everyday, I come closer to that feeling and I think for a long time, the little moments I had that feeling, I would just hold onto it and not want anything to change that, instead of even worrying about moving my life forward, in terms of making films, writing, etc, etc, it was more just getting to that feeling and as having “that feeling” grows, and eventually becomes continuous, my life comes back to me and I move through this and move on and grow and evolve and live the life I desire, I want.

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