Just Have to Keep Going

So I drove up to my doctor yesterday, who is 4 hours away.  I drive 4 hours to see him because after research and a lot of thought I consider him the best doctor when it comes to Lyme, etc, in the Southern California area.  I think for myself, the most challenging part of this whole experience has been how constant it has been and how slow it takes.  

The appointment went really well, probably the best appointment I have had in the last year and half.  It was precise, clear and well-rounded and I feel there is a strong direction of what way to go.  The thing is, it’s still going to take time and I am definitely not there yet, so I just have to keep going.  I have definitely made a lot of progress, but I know I am not there yet, and it definitely still feels constant, I just have moved over a hump with it that I understand it and am used to everything much more, so steps in the right direction.

So what are the next steps, I continue to take the two strong Bartonella herbs I am taking, which also address other things, add a couple more things to help detox, and slowly eventually add another Bartonella herb to the protocol.  In the meantime, I am going to do a 23andme to find what direction to go in to get more aggressive with treatment and most likely ABX will be added to the protocol but done the right way and under the direction of a Doctor who knows what they are doing.  

So I wait a bit longer to do more, even though I know I am doing something right now, but to get more aggressive and more clear to get closer to moving through everything and feel that constant feeling of feeling off, and the cycling, and constant circulatory, foggy symptoms.  


I just have to keep going and eventually it will all blend and I will fully move through this.


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One Response to Just Have to Keep Going

  1. My husband just accepted a position in the San Diego area and we’re going to be moving there. Can you recommend an LLMD/LLND for us to go to? Please feel free to email the info to me: amanda.acw99 AT gmail DOT COM Thanks so much! 🙂

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