Frozen In Time

In my last post, I spoke about this idea of not experiencing life in the past year and half as my body heals and fully moves through what I am going through.  To add on to that, I talk about this idea about almost being “Frozen In Time” and honestly that’s literally how I feel and sometimes the best way for me to explain this experience to people.  Don’t get me wrong, there are numerous physical symptoms and have been but those sometimes come and go or I can deal with them more at times then other times, but the thing that I seem to feel all the time is this feeling that I am “Frozen In Time”.

It honestly has felt like I have been in this waiting game of sorts the past year and half and I slowly creep out of it at times in this subtle way and it’s like one day all of this chaos or shift will be over and I will have fully moved through almost as if in some ways this never happened, similar to last time and when I meet people again in my transformed self. People I knew for years before, it will be as if time stood still but I have shifted and transformed. Like I have been Frozen In Time.

It’s not a fun feeling, especially for somebody who in the past has not been the most patient person in the world. This experience has definitely been a test of patience and clarity, understanding, and much more. It’s like I am this fireball of energy, of life, being built up to eventually go through the world again with power, force and conquer it and create what I want, the life I want.


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One Response to Frozen In Time

  1. Tryst of Grace says:

    Wow! You go Jason! Power, force, create the life YOU want. Rather than falling into what one does without conscious choice, like leaves in the wind all the while taking precious vital things for granted. I get that your brewing fireball is merely prepping to express this depiction of truly LIVING.

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