I think the one of the hardest things about this process has been making decisions, most of all the struggle of always trying to move through this and move and live my life and then the reality of this experience that I am still moving through and it putting me in check.  

It’s this push and pull with everyday wanting to move my life forward, move out of this, let it go, do things to live my life but this struggle of doing to much or doing things that are not helping my healing. It’s this feeling of being stuck in the middle, the ebb and flow, the push and pull, the inconstancy, the unpredictability.

Everyday I strive to push my life forward, to move out of this and move on, but I have known I have needed to be slow and know it’s still there, I am still transitioning.

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3 Responses to Decisions

  1. Sit tight, friend. It is full moon this week, so everything seems worse! I am rooting for you.

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