Following the Path to Wellness

Most people, at times, take their health for granted.  They get caught up in their jobs, their routines, their life and they ignore their well-being, their health.  As time goes by, your health begins to knock, it’s a very subtle, quiet knock at first but as time goes on, if you continue to ignore the knock, it gets louder and louder and soon it can become so loud, you have to answer the knock and stop ignoring it.  

Taking care of your health, your mind, body and spirit, is a challenge and it takes work everyday to take care of yourself and the changes can be subtle but it’s important to maintain your health and those changes.

For myself, this journey, this path to wellness to totally balance has definitely been a journey and I look at this way.  It’s like I am traveling across the country and I am only able to go a mile at a time.  It’s a slow journey, it’s a journey of patience, but eventually you do get there.  So whenever you get down, or feel like you are struggling remember if you drove a mile on your journey today, then you got some place closer to your true path.

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One Response to Following the Path to Wellness

  1. Irene says:

    It’s a good thing to remember that even the smallest steps get you closer to your true path….you are so right about that…thank you for reminding me 🙂

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