Controlling The Chaos

If I were to describe this past year and half, minus probably the last month or so, a good majority of the time, I could describe it in so many ways, but one word that always seems to come to mind is chaos.  It just seemed for myself, that everyday seemed to be absolute chaos for me and the times I seemed to be oblivious to the chaos, was just that, I was just oblivious, but it was still there.  There just always seemed to be something wrong, something going on and I always seemed to be in this uncomfortable panic.  

So, I felt one of the first steps to beating this and moving through this, was controlling the chaos.  I just felt like I could never escape the chaos.  Even the times I felt better, and seemed less chaotic, a little more clear headed, the chaos always seemed to rear it’s head somehow through me driving to move my life forward, reacting to situations I should not have, unnecessary drama coming up, etc, etc.  It just always seemed to be there, and never seemed to go away and I think the small, tiny moments I didn’t feel it, I tried taking advantage of it in every way I can, i.e. being able to actually relax in bed and sleep like a normal person.  

So I ask myself, how did I and still do control the chaos.  Well that’s a good question and a tough question to answer because you can’t really control your surroundings, you can’t really control most things in the universe and to be honest a big part of this process is letting go of control or this idea of control.  

How to control the chaos –

Don’t let the people and events around you get to you – one of the hardest things for myself through this process.  It seemed like constantly, and still at times, everybody and everything around me would trigger me, make me feel uncomfortable and get to me some way, some how.  If this happens, try your best to best breath, not overreact and take a step back.

Meditate –  Meditation is always an important key in calming the mind and the body and controlling the “chaos”.

Finding a Way to Let Go –  Another hard thing for myself, it seemed I would have a hard time letting go of things, which was never my nature, and again, still at times do, and I have learn how to control my mind, find my center and learn to let go of things and move on.  

Ride The Wave of the Universe –  It’s important for myself and for others struggling with chaotic times to find the rhythm of themselves and most of the all the universe.  I think we spin our wheels wanting to escape our situations, the chaos, finding answers, which in turn creates more chaos and problems.  It’s about letting go, trusting the universe and riding the wave.

Always Know Tomorrow Is Another Day –  This is something that I strived on living by this whole time no matter how bad a day or moment was, I always knew the next day would be better and sort of a reset button.  Tomorrow is always another day.

So, I have become better at “controlling the chaos” but it’s always work, there are always things that are going to come up in my life or anybody’s lives.  Just have to try to follow some of the steps I listed above.


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One Response to Controlling The Chaos

  1. Tryst of Grace says:

    I’m especially moved by and have gratitude for this part here “I think we spin our wheels wanting to escape our situations, the chaos, finding answers, which in turn creates more chaos and problems. It’s about letting go, trusting the universe and riding the wave.”

    I plan to let this rattle around inside me, like a contemplation shedding light where needed, so that it may do its magic on and in my life.

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