Finding My Focus

Focus, that seems to be a common theme in my life, probably in a lot of people’s lives.  In our fast paced society, and with things like Social Media, the Internet and Cel phones, finding our focus can be extremely difficult.  

For myself, I have always struggled a bit with focus to some extent.  If I was working on a film project, that I know was structured and getting made, I had no problem focusing in on it, especially if I was being compensated for it.  Where the focus became an issue is when I felt like I was dipping my hand in to many places, kind of all over the place in a sense.  

Through this transition, my focus became out of control.  I mean everything, every little thing, could be anything, would throw me off, distract me, etc.   It was so hard or it’s been so hard for me to do things without getting distracted.  So it’s been a lot of work trying to find my focus.


So how do I, we, anybody find their focus –

Create structure –  It’s important to create some kind of structure, some kind of routine.  If you need to write a list, write a list.  If you need a plan, make a plan.  It’s important to have kind of structure, some type of routine otherwise you will be all over the place.  

Focus on one thing at a time  –  Everybody says they can multi-task but the reality is nobody really can multi-task.  There is actually no such thing is as multitasking.  Multitasking is just doing multiple things at one time, but doing that takes time and focus away from another thing.  So, focus everything on one thing, do that well, and then move on to the next.  You are not saving time by multitasking.

Create a space that you are comfortable in and have no distractions –  If you are working in a space that is not conducive for your focus or your work environment and is full of distractions, then find a place that you do feel comfortable in, where you can focus and not me distracted.  I know at times we think we need distractions to focus, or we enjoy certain environments for various reasons, but we begin to overlook the fact that it’s taking away from our focus.  

Go with the Rhythm –  I think we push the rhythm of our bodies and the universe to try to focus because we think we need to get something done or do this or that.  The reality is, it’s not really serving us if we are not going with our rhythm.  Go with your rhythm and find your rhythm and therefore you will find your focus.

Everyday I am always working on finding my focus, and we are always going to refine what our focus is, so I do my best to not be hard on myself. 

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