Why It’s Hard For Other’s To Understand…

I was speaking with a friend last night about how no matter how much I explain to people about what I am going through or been through, or what I deal with everyday, most people, or almost everybody, just doesn’t get it.  Her response was interesting and I have to agree with it, she said it’s all a result of fear.  A fear that they want the reality to be different and see it different and don’t want to deal with things or believe things or ignore it.  This has nothing to do with me and is the issue of other’s but I find it interesting and definitely has been difficult at the same time.  

I mean nobody is really truly going to fully understand this experience I have gone through as much as me, but the friend, who I referred to, I recently met, and in many ways she understands it and gets it and is more compassionate then almost anybody.  So I guess it’s kind of just who you are and how you know how to deal with challenges, things out of the norm or things that might make you uncomfortable.

People to be honest really don’t get it that everyday, pretty much every moment, I am fighting to push through this and move through this and on top of that working to move my life forward.  So everything I do, is with a challenge, a challenge I have unfortunately become accustomed to, a challenge I have grown to move further through, but a challenge none the less that always seems to be there, every moment of every day.   

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