The Million Foot Mile

This shift, this process, this transformation, I look at it as being like this. It’s like you are running or walking a mile, which isn’t that far and everything you think you have made your short goal, the mile gets longer and longer and you seem to get further and further away and then suddenly it gets closer and you think you are about to make it and then suddenly it seems to get further and further again.

That’s kind of a metaphor I feel that’s great to talk about this process I have been through. Every time I think I have almost reached my goal, my place of balance, it seems the goal gets pushed back and feels like I am still the same distance away. It’s like you can only inch forward a bit.

So I always remember when I think I am going nowhere to go back to that metaphor of if you are driving a car across the country, you can only go a mile at a time, you are always moving forward, but it seems like you will never reach your goal and the path is never-ending but eventually you do get there. It’s just important to keep moving forward.

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