Judgement, something that is probably seen everyday at every moment at some point. It’s unfortunate, you would hope that something like judgment would not exist, but it does. You would hope that people would accept things or people or situations as they are both a lot of the time they don’t. Judgement ultimately is there and always gonna be there but it’s important to remember when somebody judges, they are merely judging themselves.

So moving through this last year and half, going through it, I myself have seen a lot of judgement. I think unfortunately when people go through struggles or challenges that really affect them a lot of judgement is seen.

For myself, I would see things like people judging me by the way I felt and what I was going through. These were not just strangers or random people, these were good friends, people I knew for years. They would continue to pass judgement.

I mean I still see it, not just with myself, in everyday life. It’s interesting though, going through this experience, and shifting has made me see the amount of judgement that people pass on a daily basis.

It’s like wake up humanity. Wake the fuck up. Stop judging those surrounding, stop making assumptions, stop not connecting with somebody or trying to because of this predisposed notion when you know nothing about them and there experience.

Ultimate, just stop judging and start accepting and start living, being and connecting.

Don’t judge me and don’t judge others.

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