Everybody at some point or almost all the time feels an attachment to something or somebody or some outcome or situation. Whether is be an attachment in a relationship to a partner or a friendship or and outcome happening or material possessions. We constantly as human beings crave this need it seems for attachment.

Is attachment healthy though? I believe it isn’t. When you are attached to somebody or something or an outcome, you depend on it in some way some how, which prevents you from feeling clear, totally being yourself, and feeling balanced, free and in the flow of the universe.

For myself, I believe for I could fully heal, before I could fully move on and shift, I needed to become detached from everything. My old life, my old self, toxic friends, needing to move forward, trying to force the universe, set goals, outcomes, everything. And every time there was hint of maybe me fighting it, or shifting, I had to massively let go and let go and let go, until I have become detached from everything, which I feel like I am finally in that place.

So now that I am in this place, I can really rebuild and be set free and continue to allow the healing to thrive.

When you are attached to something, or co-dependent or dependent on something, you then can open yourself up for attachment to disease or Bugs, or parasites or toxins or anything else that can leach and attach to your body. It’s the same energy, there is not difference.

Also, as long as you have an attachment to a disease, a identity with a disease, label yourself with it, be it, you are always going to have it in you. When you “need” things, or need to label yourself as something or represent yourself as something you are always going to identify with that.

Let go of that identity, let go of that attachment and move on and heal and live the life you want to live. Find that path.

It’s not good to have attachment or dependence, there is nothing healthy about it.

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