Getting The Bugs Off My Back

This is something I have working on everyday, every moment for the past year and half plus. Getting these bugs off my back. It’s like every time I think I have fully moved past it, took a big turn, the bugs always seem to be there. It’s like every moment of every day, they seem to never go away.

Through time, more and more bugs have left, but they are still there. It’s like that annoying person who never seems to go away and every time you think you have escaped and they are gone, they still show up.

I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow, probably the most important one in the last year and half because I am at a point where I am definitely in a much better place and this appointment is the appointment we talk about what needs to be done to get back to 100%, which might very well include ABX, a very scary thing for me but it might be the only way.

So, this is what I work towards everyday, getting the bugs off my back, out of my body and have me back in full control all the time, feeling great.

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3 Responses to Getting The Bugs Off My Back

  1. Do you mind sharing a little bit about what treatments you have done so far? Have you made it this far in treatment without ABX? That would be amazing in itself… hope the appointment goes well. 🙂

    • jasonb1382 says:

      Thank you. I am going to write a blog post about my treatment plan thus far. I have not taken ABX for over a year, so yes I have made this far not taking ABX a long period of time.

      • Wow, that in itself is awesome! Can’t wait until we can back off of ABX. They are destructive to everything, good and bad. It is quite a juggle to keep things balanced.

        Looking forward to that post.

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