My Treatment Plan

After my appointment today, and to after somebody else mentioned it in a comment and to help for clarity and myself and to help others, I am going to write my treatment plan below from the beginning until now and what I think helped, or could have helped if it was done in the right matter and what hasn’t helped. Please keep in mind, what works for one person, might not work for another.

Also keep in mind, I am not a doctor and before starting any treatment protocol, please consult a physician you trust.

So, when I first got sick, this is back in November 2012, I started taking vitamins again, such as a Bcomplex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and a Multi-Vitamin. When I went to doctor number one, who had no idea what was going on, she gave me ABX because she thought it was related to my ears. This did nothing really either way.

Fast Forward to when I was diagnosed and I was put on 500 mg of Doxy and 600 mg of Rifampin, from what I remember. This was havoc and wasn’t done properly, nothing to detox, and just some Lyme Transfer Factor, which I felt did nothing and few calming supplements.

Four months later I got off those ABX, well 2 months later I was off Doxy and four months off Rifampin and then all I was taking was CSM or Chloystyramin.

About a month and half later, September 2013, I started Samento and Banderol, I did this for a few months and then added MMS, meanwhile was taking Chlorella and trying to do detox bathes, walk, meditate, etc.

Then at the end of February, 2014, I switched doctors and continued with MMS, Samento and Banderol and added Crypto-Plus and added a few things to help detox like Neuro-antitox, Molybdenum and Beta-Sisterol.

After about a month or so, I stopped the MMS and then started Houttuniyia, because I knew Bartonella was my main issue, I stopped the Crypto-Plus as well.

Fast forward to end of May and I added in BLT, to help kill the Bartonella.

So now, here is where I am at, and this is my current treatment plan:

Supplements, which help maintain my body:

Myco-Immune by Thorne – Amazing product

PQQ – Highly recommend everybody should take this

Methylguard-plus B Complex

Vitamin D



A liquid Multi-Vitamin, which I forget to take a lot

Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes

Might add back in Vitamin C

Sometimes I take L-Carnitine

For the actual killing of the bacteria, toxins, etc.

Right now I am taking Houttuniyia and BLT, I am about to add, after my phone call with my doctor:

Sida acuta, a herbal parasite cleanse, I don’t remember the name of and Difulcan, which recent studies have shown not just helps with Candida but Lyme type bacteria as well.

This is to prepare my body as much as possible for ABX, which will come later because ultimately, trusting my doctor and my intuition at this point, I think I will need to do ABX to really get back to 100%

As for detoxing, I am doing the following:

Neuro-Anti-Tox II, Takeshimi Bamboo, Yucca Root, NAC, Molybdenum and Chlorella

Also try to go to the infrared sauna 3 to 4 times a week, very very important to sweat.

Also 3 to 4 coffee enemas a week.

Other things I do:

Also try to stay as positive and peaceful as possible, not get mad, not react.

Meditate and breath frequently.

As much as possible I work to move my life forward.

Also work on emotional work, and do things like EMDR and dig into my emotions and patterns and weed out the crap.

In the future, I will most likely be adding ABX, timetable and which ones still to be determined. As well as possibly some anti-parasitic drugs.

Also would like to be able to buy things like a rife machine and Ozone machine.

So that’s where I am at, I keep moving along, striving ahead to be symptom free and feel great all the time. Continuing to have patience and faith and trust knowing that one day soon all of this chaos will be behind me.

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3 Responses to My Treatment Plan

  1. So it seems like you’re doing a parasite/candida cleanse before ABX?

    Percentage wise (if you can quantify it), how much better do you feel than you did before you started treatment?

    • jasonb1382 says:

      Yes I am, what I figured I needed to do intuitively and what everybody really should do. The more you clean up, the more the ABX will be effective.

      As far as percentage better, then a year and half ago, I would say a year and half ago, around April 2013, I would say I was at something like 40% maybe, give or take and now I would say I am at 60/65%, give or take, maybe a bit more, but hard to tell, but definitely improvement.

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