Beyond Brain Fog

So what is brain fog? Brain fog is when your mind feels fuzzy, unclear, can’t think straight, foggy. Brain fog can be caused by so many things such as, heavy metal toxicity, candida, clogged emotions, bacteria in your body, mold, parasites, and other environmental toxins.

There are different levels of brain fog, most people will experience a bit of clogginess and brain fog here and there and then others will experience it almost on a daily basis. For myself, the fog for the most part of the last year and half has been extreme and what felt like 24 hours a day.

For myself, my brain fog, which I think can be called other things, disorientation, disconnection, has been what I call, beyond brain fog.

I mean I felt for so long and still a good majority of the time, like I am in this horrible dream, like I am on auto-pilot and the whole world seems unfamiliar to me. I mean when I was in Seattle, I felt like I had never lived there. Wondering around for four months in my uncomfortable, disoriented state.

This created so much fear, the way I felt, that it made me never want to do anything. It was this mix with other symptoms. I would say though that this is probably the worst of all of them in many ways, because it feels like it’s been constant.

One day this will slowly fade away, this fog and my mind, myself will be fully back and I will be symptom free and clear headed all the time but it’s still very scary feeling this way a lot, especially when I always strive to move my life forward.

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