The most challenging part

I am not going to say what I have been through this past year and half plus or so has been easy. I am not saying it hasn’t been challenging. I am not going to say I haven’t grown from it and I am not going to say I am where I want to be yet but I know this, I am getting there.

I also will say that the most challenging part of the experience is me slowly adapting back into the world, back into myself and feeling alive again. And when I say it’s challenging, I don’t see it as a horrible challenge or a traumatic challenge it’s just everything in a sense that you didn’t experience for so long, you start experiencing again and it’s strange and odd and you are not used to it.

I have a friend who had a brain tumor and it took her about 2 years to recover and she said the hardest part was her starting her life again, adapting again and getting going. I can see why she said that and I can relate to this.

What is the most challenging part, letting go, fully moving and knowing this will never happen again and that everything is behind you.

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3 Responses to The most challenging part

  1. I don’t know as Lyme patients that we will ever be able to FULLY put Lyme behind us. I hope for remission every day.

    • jasonb1382 says:

      I believe that’s possible and I know many individuals who have. Do I feel you will or I will ever forget about this experience, no, but you can reach a point to move on from it, which to me translates to you are yourself again controlling your life and don’t have “bugs” taking over your body creating a personal, feeling, etc that’s not your true self.

      • Yes, in our house we call the feeling of controlling our lives again the “tipping point” – where we will have more good days than bad and more control than not. I actually think we’re approaching that point.

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