Loving Yourself

I know I have written a blog about this before, or something to this affect. Ultimately, at the end of the day, any experience, any traumatic lesson, any disease, any challenge all comes back to loving yourself.

Before I got “sick” or my life changed, I ultimately was not taken care of myself fully, loving myself fully and leading the life I wanted to live. So the universe gave me a wake up call and that’s when I began doing only, for the last 2 years, working on loving myself and continuing to love myself.

And it’s been challenging, not just for myself but because outside forces, other people don’t always help reflect the situation or challenge you in doing what you need to be doing to take care of yourself and love yourself.

So how do you love yourself, what do you, what do I, what do people need to do to love themselves. I say the following are some tips and are good reminders for myself:

Be Gentle on yourself
Forgive others and most of all yourself
Do what you need to do each day to make yourself feel great, first and foremost
Say affirmations
Let go
Listen to your body and your mind
Don’t let others judge you and most of all don’t judge yourself
Allow yourself to fail and make mistakes
Create Clarity

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