Manifesting The Future

The whole point of any life changing experience is to get rid of the old and start fresh and new, the life you want, the life you are able to create. It’s an opportunity for that, and creating the life you want, the life you are meant to live. The difficulty though in this, is really hold on, we hold on to the past, to our habits, to who we were, etc.

So, I speak a lot about everything I am going through, my transition, working on lessons, gaining clarity, etc, but what’s the future I want, the future I am creating for myself, what am I manifesting and this what it is:

I am manifesting the following:

Feeling 100% healthy and happy in every aspect all the time and feeling better then I ever have in my life.

Traveling to:

The Netherlands
Eastern Europe

Becoming successful as a filmmaker, an entrepreneur and making the films I want to make that are seen by millions worldwide.

Finishing my successful E-book

Having a flourishing Raw Chocolate Company

Finding continual balance in everything

Having a successful Health and Wellness Business that changes the way we look at health and helps educate others in taking their lives back

Owning houses in multiple countries

Taking a road trip across the U.S.

Living in the heart of Los Angeles again, flourishing and thriving

Owning my Tesla

I will probably add more to this list as time goes on but this is my future.

What are you manifesting?

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