The story of the Eagle

A friend of mine the other day sent me a story about Eagle’s because she thought what Eagle’s go through, is similar to what I have been going through and can relate to the transformation individuals take with Lyme Disease and other challenges in general. Here is the story and yes it’s real:

Eagles can live up to 70 years. But when they are about 40, there is a terrible crises in their life. They became more and more weak, they can’t hunt and fly as before. So they must decide what to do: they can starve, or fight to survive and being great again. It depends on eagles, it’s an eagles’ decision. Several of them, which don’t want to fight, just starve. Others, the ones braver, fight and accept this terrible challenge. It’s a very painful transformation. So, they retire on a rocky isolated wall, starting their transformation. They come off the beak beating it against the wall. Then they come off their claws, when their new beak has re-grow. And then, their beak and claws grow again, but much more stronger than before. And so eagles, into this painful transforming path, tear their plumage because too much heavy to fly, and then it grow again, but much more lighter than before. So they can fly and hunt again, and in this case, but only accepting this painful transformation, they can still live in the best way, up to 70 years about. Scientists who studying this kind of birds of prey, can perfectly recognize a younger eagle from a real queen eagle, after this terrible path they are queens of sky.

When my friend sent this to me, it really resonated with me and I related it to me tremendously. The last 2 years and still, has been extremely challenging, more then I could ever imagine, not just with Lyme Disease, but in every aspect of my life. The challenges that surround me, etc.

So this story gave me a bit of insight and light, knowing that eventually this challenge, this transformation will be done and I will grow stronger, and healthier and happier in the end.

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