Cultivating My Fire

I, by nature, am a very passionate, high energy, ambitious, firey person. I was able though to always to an extent control this fire for my benefit. Then I shifted and that fire all seemed to go internal and my control over the fire, seemed to disappear.

When you start not feeling well, etc, you still have the essence of who you are it’s just a lot of things get juggled or displaced to shift, and for myself, my fire just created chaos inside myself and anytime I would try to put on to the world, my passion, my fire, my life force, it would seem to create chaos.

So the last 2 years, a big part of the lesson or what I have been working on, is learning how to cultivate my fire again.

When a fire is controlled, it’s nice, it’s beautiful, it’s not erratic, it’s not harmful. When a fire is out of control, it’s untamable, it’s erratic, it’s all over the place, it’s damaging.

For myself, this is what happened, my fire didn’t go anywhere, it just never was let loose in a controlled way because of how I would feel everyday. It would just create chaos inside me, that was uncomfortable and unnerving. I mean my fire had to go some place.

So, in essence, it’s about me learning how to cultivate my fire again, learn how to control it for my benefit, for my balance, for my health. Learn how to harness my fire for healing and moving my life forward.

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