A Protocol

With Lyme disease, ultimately it’s about finding the right protocol that works best for you and your symptoms, etc. About a year ago, I found a protocol that was actually sent to me, that seemed to be the perfect protocol, and every few months, etc I would come back to this protocol.

When I went to my new doctor back in February, I mentioned the protocol to him and he didn’t really say much. Since then, and the last year plus, sure I have slowly, very slowly in my mind progressed and I have treated with herbs and detoxed but I feel I have never really hit it hard.

So, I go back to this protocol, again, I continually go back to this protocol for the past year and I even thought about it again yesterday and realized how clear it was to me that this, or something very very close to this protocol, is the right one.

So what is this protocol, it’s the following:


Stephen Buhner, who is one of the leading experts when it comes to healing from Lyme Disease, usually uses herbs, which he is known for, for most of his protocols and what he is an expert on, actually used Antibiotics for this particular protocol.

Of the antibiotics that are used, one of them, I am starting on. Also if you look at this protocol, you see the amount of neurotoxin detox that is needed.

So why am I posting this, well for a couple reasons. One reason, the obvious reason, to help others who might have similar symptoms and not sure what protocol to try so they can suggest this to their doctor.

The other, for the clarity that I have found and to let go of the past. For a long time, intuitively I always thought I was not doing enough and even when I saw my current doctor for the first time and left the appointment I felt he was not doing enough with what he was starting me on treatment wise, especially since I mentioned this protocol. I always felt intuitively not enough was being done as I saw my days fly by and the way I felt go in this circular motion.

And sure, more could have possibly been done, and last night I felt a bit disheartened to be honest that it’s taken this long to finally get the clarity or the initiative, on my end as well, to take the appropriate action on what protocol I should be doing. You know because ultimately it is up to me to take charge of my life, even if I don’t have the clarity and strength to do so.

So essence, why am I also writing about this protocol, to not hold onto the past, to tell you to not hold on to the past and to just start taking initiative to take control of your life and get your life back or have your life going the way you want it to be going.

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