A Little Bit More…

I have always looked at this experience like this. With each cycle, a little bit more of me comes back and yes there are ups and downs to that, but you rebuild to move forward. With each week, a little bit more of builds until my energy kind of depletes a bit and then it rebuilds again but this time a bit stronger. With each day, each time I move through, I can do a little more, experience a little bit more, feel a little bit more, be aware of little bit more and bring a little more balance to rebuilding myself and a little more of the “bugs” go away.

I remember going through something similar but different of course, because it was it’s own experience then, that I would go through this cycle that I eventually really gauged and understood. I tended to have more energy by the end of the week/weekend and was able to go out and then things would kind of recycle again and rebuild again until one day everything balanced out.

It’s similar the same thing this time, but a bit more extreme of course. The feeling also a little more of my memories come back, my reflections, my feelings, that you feel maybe you lost, but they are still there.

So a little more of me comes back with each cycle, until one day it will all blend.

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