Lyme Disease and Antibiotics

The most common treatment for Lyme Disease, is antibiotics. The definition of what antibiotics do, is pretty straight forward, they kill bacteria. Now though, how to use antibiotics correctly for Lyme Disease treatment protocol is much much more complicated. Hence why, so many individuals have strong adverse reactions towards antibiotics and don’t always get better.

Lyme bacteria are very complicated, on top of that, there are so many other factors involved in treating Lyme disease because most of individuals who are suffering from Lyme Disease have other issues, such as viruses, mold, parasites, other toxins, etc. On top of this, the Lyme bacteria are extremely complex and act differently in every individual they infect or host.

Because of these different forms and how the bacteria survives or is in everybody is vastly different, this is what makes treating Lyme Disease so difficult and treating them with the right antibiotic protocol, extremely difficult because each antibiotic reacts differently in each individual, each antibiotic will attack the bacteria differently in each individual and the combination of the antibiotics in correspondence with the herbs relates to their effectiveness as well.

So the question is, is antibiotic therapy necessarily to become symptom free. According to my doctor, yes. According to myself, I believe yes and no. So here is my theory:

I think the problem that arise on why antibiotics so often do not work for individuals is because it is extremely complicated to treat somebody with an antibiotic protocol correctly. To be honest, I think very very few doctors in the United States understand how to do this correctly. So what happens, is individuals will see a doctor, and go on an antibiotic protocol and the way it’s done is wrong more times then not. I have heard of so many individuals who take antibiotics for a year, 2 years with only a bit of symptom relief. I then ask these people what they took, etc and the way they explain it most of the time sounds like the protocol was done wrong. So what make it wrong?

Well, first off, you need to constantly switch and add antibiotics to treatment. These bugs are smart. Next, you need to be detoxing, just as heavily as you are killing, if you are not, you are going to be so sick you might not catch up to yourself. On top of this, there is a formula to the right antibiotics you take, based on your symptoms and how you take it and in what combination. If this is not done correctly, again, you won’t get better.

So the reason I say, yes and no, is I believe also antibiotics almost more times then not are necessarily at some point to some extent to get back to 100% and have it not coming back. The No part though is there are so many factors involved in treating with antibiotics and preparation that most doctors have no clue how to do this I feel.

For a reference, please check out Dr.Marty Ross’s antibiotic guide, which is pretty good.

So the reason I post this, is tomorrow I start antibiotics again. I am starting Azithromyacin which is a good antibiotic to start with as it’s a great base antibiotic to build off of and add other antibiotics. It’s a been scary for me to start antibiotics as I haven’t taken antibiotics for treatment for over a year and last time, it was done improperly. At the same time, it’s exciting because I know it’s the right decision towards me getting back to 100%

So, I believe in my opinion and based off my doctor, who I highly trust, antibiotics are necessary to get better, it’s just a matter of finding the right protocol and right doctor who really understands how to use them correctly.

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