Two Years…

It’s crazy to me that’s it’s already been two years since I first got “sick” and woke up one day with my vision changing, barely can squeeze my arms, pressure in my head, floating feeling, extreme fatigue, etc. It’s like these last two years have been such a blur and have gone by so fast but so slow as well. Actually a lot of the time it seems to have gone very slow, almost like I have been frozen and trapped in time.

So, it’s interesting that today, is the day I start antibiotics again, which so far so good, but I have only taken one.

It’s also interesting because two years is kind of an interesting marker. There are people that think these bacteria can only survive for two years max and they eventually die off. I am sure there is some truth to it. Also I once met this woman who told me with the deepest sincerity that it takes two years to change things or to ultimately change. Some how at the time it made total sense.

So in essence, this two year marker is the start of a shift, a shift in the direction of something new, of me beginning to get more of my life back and the life I want to be living.

But yeah, two years, it’s been an interesting two years but I know that now, that is gone and that’s the past, and now it’s about the present.

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