The Ultimate Transformation

Really at the end of the day, this process, any struggle or challenge, is all about transforming and shedding the layers of the old and coming into the new.

These transformation are not easy, they are very challenging, I mean look at when superheroes in comic books and cartoons transform, it’s an intense process and it usually happens through some kind of trauma or challenge but in the end they adapt and become stronger then they ever were before.

I have really been feeling this transformation the last couple days, which has been very intense, because there are waves and cycles of me being almost oblivious and unaware to how I really feel and that’s part of my body, mind, etc, going through this transformation and in the end coming out of it and being aware of were I am really at still.

In essence I am still forming my new self, which is interesting and challenging, especially when you meet new people, have to make decisions, knowing that you are still evolving into something, that individuals don’t even realize yet. It’s like I am breaking down and shedding shells and layers to start new and that cycle then starts over again.

It’s really the ultimate transformation on every level.

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One Response to The Ultimate Transformation

  1. I think that happens no matter if there is chronic illness or not, yes? I have always been in cycles of transformation even before this Lyme journey.

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