Mental Fatigue

I was reading an article recently in regards to something called Mental Fatigue.  It said geniuses, tend to wear the same articles of clothing continuously because it allows them to conserve their mental energy, one less decision to make.

With something like Lyme Disease, your mental fatigue, your overall fatigue becomes extreme and your mental tank and physical tank needs a lot longer to recharge and refuel and at the other end it emptied quickly.

So with my experience and my symptoms, everything, the cycle revolves around this.  So as the week would build, my mental energy or physical energy would build and I would be able to do a bit more or not feel as bad, etc and then it would recycle again and build again.  So if I would over do it or do to much, in any aspect, write to much, walk to much, talk to much, do to many things, it would wear me out more.

I actually though I was aware of this was not aware of the gauge and I feel for a long time I really did overdo it because of how chaotic I was and how much I wanted to ignore the situation and move away from it.  When you over do it, it’s a big no no to your healing.

So, though as I continue to get better, it’s still a build of what I can do, that’s what I need to be able to gage, no matter how much I want to do things.  It’s also why I am so sensitive to everything around me, my gage, my energy to handle things is tiny and needs to build and build and build.

So ultimately, a key to getting better, a key to healing is building your mental and physical fatigue so it becomes flawless and natural.  No matter who we are, we all have limits on this, but for myself and for others with fatigue and health issues, it’s about learning how to build this again and conserving your energy, using your time more wisely and making smarter decisions.

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