How I got sick and how all diseases occur…

I have been doing a lot of research on Lyme Disease, specifically in relation to myself and in general and what works best as far as a protocol.  I have mentioned before in another blog entry that the key to healing Lyme Disease is kill the bacteria/pathogens, detox at the same rate and rebuild, boost your immune system/protect your organs, etc.

If you need to detox more, then you should focus on that and then you can kill more pathogens, while always working on rebuilding your body.  You will then get to a point were things balance and you can do more killing and eventually get to a point where you are just keeping your immune system and body strong.

When I got sick over 2 years ago and things shifted, this is what happened, from a physiological view in my body.

I got sick in College, and never knew what it was, come to find out it was Lyme Disease, but this was not found out until much later, but in a deeper look at the time, my immune system was down, which meant my body was not detoxing as efficiently as it could have been, which also led to my immune system being depleted.

I never knew what is was at the time, I did not know my “23andme” Genetic mutations which effect methylation, ultimately detoxing, so eventually, my body rebuilt itself and pushed through and detoxed enough, it took years and got to a point where I was living my life quite fine, though the bacteria was there because it was never “killed”.

So, this time around, right before I became ill, I had a lot of chaos going on in my life and probably was not eating enough as well, which will both deplete your immune system and allow for toxins to build and foreign invaders to come in and the more toxic you become, the more depleted your immune system becomes the more invaders who might have already been there will come to life again, and this is what happened.

I had not idea, so I kept going and going, doing nothing to detox, meanwhile my body was being affected by these invaders and ultimately my detox/methylation pathways and the toxicity began to build and my absorption and regulation of things like Glutathione, and B12 were beginning to become depleted, without me knowing and then things kind of went chaotic and I can never catch up to myself, AKA, I could never replenish my B vitamins, Glutathione, etc fast enough, why I always needed to eat all the time and why going to the bathroom and eating affected so much the way I felt.  The bacteria and other pathogens were essentially causing the havoc and my methylation pathways to be effected, which led to the build up of toxicity.

A couple months later, instead of massively helping my body detox, I add in heavy antibiotics, with no detoxing, so the chaos worsens.  Even though I was killing pathogens with the antibiotics, it was creating more havoc because I was not detoxing and remember my methylation pathways were effected by all this and it built everything up and I only became sicker.

So that’s how I became ill but also how I am becoming well again.  These pathogens, effect your detox/methylation pathways, which deplete your body of the nutrients you need, build up toxicity and make you sick and create havoc, that’s how the bugs create the havoc, they mess up your balance, your homeostasis.  Ultimately, that’s how everybody creates imbalance from a physiological standpoint, to many pathogens, not enough detoxing, suppressing the immune system makes you open to disease and creates a huge imbalance in the body.

So essentially, it’s about me detoxing, killing the pathogens causing the havoc and rebuilding and finding the right formulation to I keep moving forward and eventually the toxicity pathogen levels go back to non-existent and eventually pathways open again and balance is restored.

How am I doing this?  That’s in the next blog post, My Protocol.  Stay Tuned ;).

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