Intention, Mindfulness…

Ultimately, every decision you make in life reaps an effect not only on yourself but also the universe.  And this decision, the effect of the decision depends on the intention and mindfulness that you put in that decision.

Every moment of every day we are making decisions, what to eat, where to drive to next, what errands to run, what to work on, who to hang out with, whether to pick up the phone, whether to exercise, etc.  All of these decisions, in some shape, some form, can effect things and most of us do make these decisions in an unconscious matter because we think of nothing of it, our day is busy and flies by and we just kind of go through the motions.

Every moment, every decision I make, I strive to be mindful and have a positive intention, I have to, it’s plain and simple, there is no other way around it.  I mean through this experience, this is something I have definitely learned and have been forced to be aware of were I use my time.

You know, when we feel great or feel we can do anything, we kind of take our decisions and our time for granted and the universe listens to that.  It’s important no matter how you feel, what you are going through, where you are at in your life, to be mindful of all your decisions that you make and set a present intention.

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