Something I Think About

At the beginning I did not wonder this or even as time went on but recently as I guess I see a bit more of the light at times, I wonder if I will continue this blog when I am back to 100% and moved on from “all of this”.

I originally and through a lot of the process always thought I would blog as I continued to move through, but recently I am not so sure.  I mean through most of this whole process or almost all of my blogging I was writing in a place of not feeling like myself or well, etc, not even the person I was forming to.  I mean I read my blog entries in the past a lot and it seemed like some distant memory of somebody I was a long time ago during the beginnings of this transformation.

I began this blog to help me heal and out of intuition through the process and it really has and has led me to writing this book, which I am almost finished with the first draft but I am just not sure if I should continue as I move through.

It’s almost like I need to let go of it and let this blog be what it was and as I move on, the Blog comes to and end and I move on.  I might start another blog, something fresh and new but the more I get closer to fully healing, the more I think that I will let this blog go and start a whole new chapter.

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