Spiraling Back Through

Almost 2 years ago when I started not feeling well and I did not really know what was going on and I constantly was searching for answers, I mentioned to my roommate at the time about this cycle that was happening in my life and she mentioned back to me that you don’t really cycle you spiral through and she was right.

Time does not repeat itself, what’s in the past, is what’s in the past and what’s in the future is what’s in the future and what’s in the present is in the present.  Each moment in time is a moment on to its’ self.

As I go deeper into my transformation and get closer to being fully transformed I actually feeling myself spiral back through, back into the real world in a sense.  It’s like that saying you need to get to the bottom before you can reach the top.

And this spiral back through is not this quick process, it’s like you keep going back and forth between Lyme World and real world and most of all your transformed self.  You are essentially breaking down more to then move more forward.

It’s like you spiral through the machine and then back out of the machine and it’s not an easy process, it’s actually quite overwhelming and challenging because you have to adapt back into the real world while still conquering the Lyme world.

It’s like a fucking vortex that you are immersed in and working on spiraling back out of, but your spiral only happens in chunks and pieces and parts and doing this while still feeling strange in the world and as mentioned, half of you is here and half of you isn’t.

You are spiraling back you, I am to rebuild and bring myself back to balance and back to being whole again.

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