Pushing Through The Light

I went up to see my doctor yesterday, drove the almost four hours to the appointment.  My friend helped me drive, actually she drove most of the way and I really appreciated that as I was pretty tired yesterday.

Overall the appointment went great and he thinks I am on the right track.  He also said something interesting, which I agree with, and also why treating Lyme Disease is complex and not straight forward.  It is ultimately about timing and hitting the bacteria, etc with the right combination at the right time.

I am still on Sida Acuta, BLT, Plaquenil, Azithromyacin and Minocycline and he wants to add A-Bart and for me to take Boulouke, I already take Serrapeptase and I know Boulouke is beneficial but to be honest it is very pricey, so that’s why I have not ordered it yet.

Also in 4 to 6 weeks he wants to consider adding Rifampin.  I took Rifampin through my chaotic 4 months of antibiotic toxic hell when I first was diagnosed but it was done improperly so it would be interesting to see how effective it is this time around with the other three antibiotics, etc.

So I asked the doctor how much longer and he said a year.  I mean I have been told stuff like this before but the reality of it was kind of hogwash, this time I really firmly believe it and just know I need to keep going, ride the wave.  Continue to not feel part of the world most of the time and just off and come to that place of wholeness again and essentially push through the light and break free.

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