Feeling Really Vulnerable

That’s how I have been feeling lately as I have been shedding my shell, shedding my layers and exposing my new transformed self to the world again and becoming more aware of what I have been dealing with, what I went through and where I am still at.

As I have mentioned before to heal from Lyme Disease or anything for that matter you have to peel the layers no matter how uncomfortable or unsettling it might feel.  It has been very unsettling and very very vulnerable for myself  not having that constant state of panic and anxiety I relied on for so long to help protect me.

It’s like when a baby comes out of the womb and seeing the world for the first time.  How vulnerable they feel to everything and anything around them.  I am feeling not that much different and it does make me want to crawl in a shell still so often and crawl back into that protection mode of not wanting to deal with the world but I know healing is moving through, not running away.

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