How to Breath Through It All

It is a very unsettling feeling walking through the world unaware and uncomfortable, feeling like you don’t live in the world, dragging your body around in an unawareness for over two years.  Feeling like you can’t do the things you want to do to get better.  Just working on surviving each day and eating each day on this auto pilot of sorts.

All you can do in essence is breath through it all and have faith in the process and trust that bigger things are working for you.  I mean that’s all I have been able to do even up to this point.  I just breath and let go and inch forward a bit more and a bit more and breath a bit more.

For two years, I have moved through, just breathing through it, and allowing the process to help you form to being a human being again and feeling part of the world again and connected to everything and everyone.

So how do I breath through it all, I just take things one step at a time and follow faith and breath.

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