Releasing The Frustration and Anger

For two years, you kind of in a sense keep yourself bottled up to protect yourself, because you need to spend all your energy just to stay grounded and protect yourself from feeling you are going to do something that makes you feel or worse or feel worse.

You eventually need to let it out and just release it.  I do do my best not to react or get mad but my sensitivity so often would bottle up and then need to be released.

Some of this is because at the time or times in the past I was not able to vocalize how I felt and sometimes it is just because I am frustrated with how I feel at times or were I am at and other times it is frustration from those around me who I feel should show more care.

I think it is healthy to speak your mind and release your emotions and not keep them bottled up but what you need to work on or I constantly work on is not letting my emotions get to me or the world get to me.

Release your emotions, release your frustration and anger but don’t let it get the best of you.

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