Two years of blogging

So it’s been roughly a little over two years that I have been blogging.  It’s kind of crazy that I have been blogging for two years and time has just kind of flown by.

I think about what brought me to blogging and why I started blogging.  A big part of course to why I started blogging because it was intuition and to help me heal and let out everything I was going through but even more so, it led me to writing this book, which I am almost done with and will be released in March.

We don’t realize at the time how the universe is really working for us and not against us.  I mean when we are caught up in it and don’t feel great we really don’t realize this but in reality there are bigger things at work.  The bigger things for myself are my book.

So it’s been two years of blogging and a year from now, it will be three years and I will totally healthy, thriving and doing what I want to be doing.

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