How to be Successful at Anything…

So I watch a lot of Shark Tank and I would say, regardless if the ideas that come on the show are good or bad, you can almost tell my the person and their personality if they are going to be successful or not.

I think about what it takes to be successful and if you want to be successful, do the following:

Be Humble and Listen

Take things one step at a time

Overcome your fears and break through them

Go into yourself and write about what holds you back from doing the things you want

Write down your goals of what you want to accomplish in the next month, 3 months, 6 months, a year and then write the steps that it takes to get to those goals.

Simplicity always over complication.

Be straight forward and honest

Compromise and find balance.

Stick up for yourself and put yourself first

Read, learn and ask questions.  Knowledge is free.

Be a good person and have a high sense of integrity.

Find a Mentor in what you want to be successful in.

Focus on one thing and put everything you can into that one thing.

Find time for yourself.

Be Realistic.

Do these things and success will come to you.

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