Why I Get So Upset

For the last two plus years, I have had a short fuse and got upset really easily.  At the end of the day, you could say most of it is because of the bugs but there is more to the story then just “bugs”.

There are various reasons why I have got so upset, one being of course frustration of feeling the way I felt for so long and never having relief ever from it.  The way the world has felt to me and being so sensitive towards it and most of all the oblivious nature of my friends and family.

You get upset or I have gotten upset because you feel like you feel so crummy or have and the outside world, especially those close to you, are so oblivious to it and seem to not care. It is not saying that they don’t care, but their actions don’t always translate it.

So you build up, and you do get upset about this.  I mean who would not at some point, have to get upset and let it out.  We are human aren’t we.

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